Friday, July 31, 2009

Uh Oh MSNBC: You're On the Clock


isos said...

That was ridiculous. Here's the comment I left:

"Despite what the microbrewers will tell you, all beer is pretty much the same. Consumers who pay a premium do so more for the experience than the taste." you've never tasted good beer, ever. You've had a Belgian-style beer like Three Philosopher's and thought it tasted the same as Miller Lite? You've had Young's Double Chocolate Stout and thought it tasted the same as Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat? You've had Dogfish Head's Burton Baton and thought it tasted like New Belgium Mighty Arrow?

Why do you even *eat* if your pallet is that bad? By the way, if you can't taste the difference between a good beer and swill, you might as well drink your wine from a box too. You have no taste buds, so it doesn't matter.

isos said...

BTW, as I was flipping through the comments to the dude's post (HILARIOUS), he did respond on page 15:

Uncle, Uncle Uncle. I give up. Not all beer tastes the same. My bad. In making somewhat of a throw away comment - poorly written at that - I raised the ire of the entire beer drinking nation. How can I rejoin the club? Perhaps if I figure out how to shotgun a beer from a box I would earn back my stripes. It would have been better stated to say that the big beer brands all taste the same (they do at least to me). Anyway, the point of the blog seems to be lost as I really was merely trying to poke fun at the idea of beer in a box. Again my apologies for offending anyone.

Jamie Dlugosch (returning from a trip behind the comment woodshed)