Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I am here

I know I haven't posted for a while. I've been travelling from Atlanta to Buffalo to Waterloo and now find myself in Toronto. First off, why didn't someone tell me Caribana started yesterday? What kind of blog readers are you? I'm here in Toronto for only one more night and may not even get so much as an oxtail before I leave. Damn shame!

Lot's of great beering all along the way. A couple of brewpubs in the ATL and Buffalo. Not to mention some awesome beer bars WITH great food. More like restaurants with massive Belgian beer lists and Imperial beers on tap. I've been to many fine restaurants that don't have wine lists as extensive as those Belg beer lists. Spoiler alert: Southern Tier has elbowed its way into my top 5 craft breweries, maybe top 3.

Waterloo is a cool little town in Ontario just outside their wine country (maybe 20 vineyards). Not to mention WL has a bar with the hottest wings I've had in 11 years. Of course I'm in Canada and there was no IPA or even a truly hoppy American Pale Ale to counteract the spiciness. I think they pickled those wings in jalapeno juice.

I'll probably get in some reviews today, as the bars don't open up until at least 11AM, so that gives me a couple hours of downtime. Holla.

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