Sunday, July 26, 2009

Beering in Decatur, GA: How you know your 2 year old got in your beer book

I'm not even going to TRY and read and retype this one. My little girl found my notes and went ballistic. But a couple weekends ago we were in Dekalb County, Georgia for the family reunion, and the wife and I were able to steal away one night for ourselves and ended up hanging out in Decatur, GA.

First off, on Ponce De Leon we found a truly awesome liquor store with a SERIOUS selection of beer. They even had a cellar of just Belgian beer. The place was called Green's. There were a lot of people in the store at the time, and my wife was going crazy with all the beer selection. I was trying to keep my reserve as I was more ready to hit the bar scene. After picking up some beer we would never find in Houston, we went what is considered the #2 Beer bar in the world.

Brick Store Pub
The place was a little difficult to find as downtown Decatur (which I would've thought was real ghetto) was a labyrinth of nice beer bars, regular bars, yuppie spots, restaurants, and no parking. What makes it so wild is that there is a Marta stop right there. For those familiar with the Metro Atlanta area, this area of Decatur is kind of like the bar scene in Buckhead used to be before it got really hood five years ago: young professional crowd, very multicultural.

Anyway Brick Store had a nice somewhat rustic decor and was packed. We eventually made our way to a table after posting up at the bar. The wife and I both ordered a Cheeseburger and it was fantastic. The beer menus have some kind of old school leather covers, very nice. And the selection is AWESOME, with some cellared rare Belgian beer to boot. Combined with the food, I'll go on and say this is the best beer bar/restaurant I've been to (at least before I made it to Toronto). At this point, I'll just post my notes with the beers I tried and whatnot. Consider this a Behind-the-Scenes look at how I go about reviewing beer in real life. You can thank the baby for the extra notes.

You notice on the notes that afterward we made it to Twain's, a brewpub in the area. I was forcing the issue a bit as I wanted to make sure I hit the last brewpub in the metro area I hadn't had. Not on the page is the Russian Imperial Stout I had at Twains.

Russian Imperial Stout
Harsh chocolate and smooth flavor, kind of bitter as well. Moderately hopped and the chocolate is more like chocolate powder. I am pleasantly surprised with the crisp finish. High 3 Star.

There was a Taco Mac in the area as well, which pretty much sealed the deal of hideaways I would spend time in if I lived back in the ATL. Decatur was just a great little spot in the many pockets of bars in the Atlanta area. The weather was a good 20 degrees lower than it was in Houston, nice. We got out of Decatur and made it home to try a few more brews we picked up, then to keep it moving on to Buffalo. But that's for another post. Holla.

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