Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bud Light? Really Mr. President?

President Obama, you know I love you. I've even taught my 22 month old how to say your name. My co-worker has a crush on you too. We've had our disagreements (your tax plans don't do jack for me), but now, I have a serious bone to pick with you: BUD FREAKING LIGHT?

Are you serious? I've been waiting for days to see what you would drink when you offered to have a beer with Skip Gates and his arresting officer (who was only doing his job...another day, another post). I had hoped that you, a Harvard alum who lived for years in the home of the Boston Beer Company, would choose an AMERICAN beer. I was even foolish enough to dream that you would not only choose a craft beer, but that you would choose a less familiar style: an American brown (Samuel Adams Brown), a golden ale (Flying Dog Tire Bite), maybe even a pale ale (Sierra Nevada Pale Ale). But no, Mr. President, you dashed all of my hopes and dreams and chose BUD FREAKING LIGHT. Not only did you choose a foreign brewer, but what happened to supporting small businesses? You couldn't give a small craft beer company some love? Mr. President, I'm not mad at you for choosing a beer that tastes like watered down water, but after the slip you made at the press conference that led to this "Beer Summit," you should know that your beer choice is also political.

Mr. President, I think you need a new advisor. Might I suggest for the next time you screw up and need a Beer Summit you allow the Beer Brotha to recommend some good, old fashioned AMERICAN beer for the AMERICAN President? Skip's arresting officer had the good sense to go with Blue Moon. Out of the three, I'll go with Skip's choice: Red Stripe, hooray beer!

UPDATE: I hear on's daily podcast (Political Gabfest) that Skip Gates changed his choice to Sam Adams Light after a MA congressman complained.

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