Saturday, July 25, 2009

Best of 2009 (

I'm ranting to you all because the Beer Brotha not around (he's out in the middle of the Gulf). has released the Best of 2009 and the Best American Beers. I can't even comment because I only see about 6 of the beers on BOTH lists that I can get in Houston....Clearly, I need to print this list and head to California so I can get some of this stuff. I see lots of beers that are on everyone's list (including Beer Advocate and Zymurgy magazine).

What is the deal with Texas? Yes, some of the beers on the list are regional and only sold very locally, but some of the midwest beers, like Bell's, are distributed in Atlanta, but not in Houston, the third largest city in the country. Goose Island (Chicago) is distributed in Maryland. Freakin 21st Amendment (California) is selling cans in MA and VA. I just don't get it....


assurbanipaul said...

Look at the example of Rochefort: The demand from the Texas market caused shortages in other states for their beers, so they had to withdraw.

Texas is a huge beer market. Not everyone is prepared to keep up with the demand.

The American Don said...

But I would like to think you could distribute to certain corners of Texas (read: Houston). You don't have to send beer to Lubbock and Midland when you just want Dallas to have access to your product. We need that BEER man!