Tuesday, July 28, 2009

15000 hits: It's a Celebration!

Just wanted to thank you all for reading the exploits of me and the lovely wife as we beer it up around the world. 15,000 hits is pretty nice. My feed burner is telling me we get about 4-5 times the true hits that read our blog on the Reach (various blog readers and whatnot). Fantastic. By that convention, we are probably closer to 50,000 hits.

Now for the bad news, WHAT IN THE BLUE HELL IS GOING ON HERE! When the wife posts one of her introspective articles about beer stuff, the hits and reach go through the roof and the blog hits another milestone. She's also good for at least one new suscriber per post.

I put on all this creative method of beer reviews and being funny and potentially ruining my professional career with all my profanity and sexual innuendo and all I get is a message from Google that my blog will not be on their blogger list as I may be too explicit or doing something illegal. I'm feeling like Henry Louis Gates!

And after some Googling, her posts are referred to in other posts compared to mine. I mean COME ON! I'm writing some good ish here. Where's the love for the Brotha???


isos said...

LMAO!!!!! I got another post for you now. I'm scooping you on Obama's beer, but I called you this morning so that you could write about it...how about you expand on my post, lol!

The American Don said...

Yeah go ahead. I mention O-BAMA on another post, including a discussion on whether the president could ever afford to get drunk.