Monday, July 20, 2009

Live Blogging: Victory

Seems like I leave the Houston area for a week to traipse around the cooler climes, and I come back and things are a little awry. Probably the most intelligent member of our investment club has quit, and I just got a swift kick in the arse by one of the hiring managers as he went over my CV and told me the job prospects. I bought a lot of GM stock after they went bankrupt, and despite being up over $1500 at one point, I decided to hold and I'm now down a few hundred. The baby is even MORE clingy to me which makes going offshore for two weeks that much more difficult.

But you know what, it's all about new beginnings. And I think that you have to take the good with the bad if you are going to do anything. A very rich engineer once told me that if you aren't making mistakes, you're not trying hard enough. Anyone who hasn't made mistakes is either the luckiest chump on the planet, or has merely sat around and drank beer while playing video games and watching Internet porn all the time. Forget about it.

But with each one problems is an opportunity. I am working on my CV now as I have a meeting with some VERY high level folks in the company for career guidance in two days. And turns out the hiring manager says I should definitely mention that I have this beer blog in the CV. I think back to some of my posts with the sejhual innuendos and profanity laced rants, and I'll mention the blog, but not the link. Turns out I have a lot of creative energy that I need to show through in my CV. Good stuff.

I bought some more GM stock today to lower my average cost and seeing as how they are still there as a company with only a few brands, I think I'll be up about $5000 in about two years, even after Obama taxes the crap out of me. I'm meeting with the investment club member tomorrow afternoon and she seemed in high spirits as I set up the meeting, even as I flat out told her I'll be coming over there to bring her back into the organization.

The baby is just as clingy but that's b/c she loves me. I'm working out in the middle of shark infested water to give her opportunities I could only dream about at her age. She'll be alright.

To get ready for this new beginning, how about a beer whose name is apropos to what I feel:

Victory Whirlwind Witbier
It pours very noisily with the fizz (almost swill like), with an old gold cloudy color. The nose is banana and clove with a strong estery almost yeast cake smell. I can tell they either fermented it warm or we left it in the heat too long. Flavor is a great witbier. Seems like many of these taste the same to me. Smooth banana and orange peel flavor. The carbonation is high and the head went away in no time. The drinkability is a little rough, but whatever. The more I drink it the more I like it. Reminds of some of the hefeweizens I've had over the years, but a slight more orange. Aftertaste has that orange zest feel (you know, orange-like and a little bitter). 4 Stars.

sorry if I got a little too emotional, I'll be back to my stories of travel and beer madness, but for now, back to work...

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