Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Beering in Dekalb County

What a night we had nice night in Decatur. Just an EXCELLENT little downtown perfect for partying and partaking in craft beer. The next day, we decided to pop open one of the bombers we picked up from Green's.

Beer Log: July 11, 2009
State: relaxing in the hotel room

Dogfish Head Black and Blue
The wife had a headache, so may as well drink some more beer. Malt beer and sour nose. (When I say "beer smell", I'm thinking of what Budweiser smells like). Lots of carbonation in this copper colored beer. The head is reddish white and very strong, nullus. I did not expect that color with a beer that has blueberry in it. The taste is belgiany though, and rather fruity. I can see the raspberry and blueberry in the beer, but I'll confess I read that already on the label, so my mind may have been looking for those flavor notes. Moderate carbonation on the second drink, and the raspberry is coming on strong. Very taste on a hot day. Could go for some of this during my PE party. 4 Stars.

Later on that night after the family reunion pretty much shut down, we made our way over to a Buffalo Wild Wings for UFC 100. I was rooting for The Next Big Thing Brock Lesnar as well as Hendo. If you are a UFC fan then you know I had a good night. The first couple fights were kinda boring, so the wife left to catch some zzzzs. As is my tradition, I was drank the only local beer they had, Sweetwater 420 IPA. The beer was not bad and almost chalky.

Now I know BW's is a very popular chicken wings place, but dammit their waitstaff has to belly up and learn a little something about their own beer selection. That's twice now in two totally different cities where the waiter didn't even know what local beer was on tap. I don't want you to run down the whole list, just what's your stuff. Oh well.

All in all, a nice little weekend trip the Atlanta area. I always enjoy seeing my old stomping ground and checking out what's new. Looks like Dekalb county has stepped it up a few notches, and Taco Mac is taking things over. I plan on going back to the ATL in September, so hopefully I can find more local beer.

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