Monday, July 6, 2009

Lovejoy's in Austin Review

Ok. So the wife and I are still on our anniversary trip and just like last year, we find ourselves in Austin hanging out with the Harley Davidson bikers during the Republic of Texas. For some reason we could actually find seating in many of the bars. Maybe it was just the economy.

But sometime in the bright sunny afternoon we waltzed over to Lovejoy's Taproom. This is the last brewpub in town we had not tried and I was greatly looking forward to it. It is just off the famed 6th Street, so I figured this place is just going to kick the ass of any other brewpub.

Well you walk in, and the darkness of lost souls envelops you. It was a bright sunny day and this place looked like it was straight out of the bar in that movie Sin City. Dark, very dark bar. Actually kinda scary. But I've been known to frequent such a place. Lots of black and cigarette smoke. Lots of heavy metal music, so that was cool. I notice on the chalkboard that they have their locally brewed beer and a few other local beers, so we grab seat on some sort of sitting bench like mechanism. I don't know why I thought there would be a waitress, so after 3 minutes I just go up to the bar.

The bar is pretty cool as it has many many pictures of naked women and old burlesque show poster on the low hanging ceiling right above the bar. Things are looking up (no pun). I order a flight of their beers, start a tab, and bring it back to our table. I still couldn't see a damn thing and I imagine if the dudes saw me writing, they may mistake me for a narc, so forgive me if these reviews are a little short.

Beer Log: June 13, 2009

State: Chillin in Lovejoys

English ESB
I've actually been looking for a good ESB. I manage to get the malty candy smell somewhere mixed in with cigarette smoke. It is pretty smooth and warm. Moderate malt and low hops. As my eyes adjust, I notice a dark amber color. 2 Stars.

Slight malt and chocolate on top of some sourness. Smooth moderate hops with some hot alcohol. Low 3 Star.

Wade Redd
Medium hops, low flavor. Dark color with some hop aftertaste. Just not there for me. It's very smooth with low carbonation. 2 Star.

The Chronic
This aptly named beer has a lacy head. Take the Wade Redd and add more hops. Not enough malt to balance it out. 3 Star.

That was all their beers, but they managed to have some 512 on tap.

(512) IPA
Orange color with a little white head. Nice citrus hops with low malt. It kinda reminds me of Drifter. Low carbonation and light drinkability. 3 Stars. I know the (512) will be expanding soon, so I imagine we'll be seeing these chumps in Houston soon.

All in all I think the atmosphere (particularly the cigarette smoke) knocks the beer down a peg. I think their little brewing setup is right there just behind the bar on a glorified homebrew system. Which actually could work out. If they had a patio, I'd rather try the beer outside to let the nose get in there. But I do think it is very cool that Austin has a get-lost dive bar with 4 beers of their own. I love a good dive bar, and most dives will have the BMC and cheap liquor. I would love to hit this spot when I'm feeling blue and just want to drink the night away. Not to mention the beer was cheap as all get out.

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