Monday, July 6, 2009

UFC Beering: Lagunitas and Boulevard

Ok I'll admit it. I always pull for the black guy in a UFC fight. Unless it's against Clay Guida, I just kinda gravitate towards the brotha (nullus).
Hey, I don't know any of these fighters from Adam, and hardly any of them are from my home town, so I may as well figure out some way to get emotionally involved. So if you are a UFC fan, you can only imagine how much alcohol I've been consuming over the last few months. Lighter alcohol beers have not been cutting it. Rashad Evans and Cheik Kongo have been getting jacked up. The night Rashad Evans got totally destroyed by Lyoto Machida, I was drinking some high gravity stuff as it was evident early that he wasn't going to win...

Beer Log: May 23, 2009
State: Dammit the brotha is losing again!

Lagunitas Undercover
Strong hop nose with alcohol lurking about, thank goodness. Ruby brown color with a white low head. Fruity nose as it warms up. It tastes of strong malt and hops. It is somewhere betwixt an American and English barley wine. Not cloying but moderate alcohol in the flavor. So don't give it to the girl at the bar, she'll taste the alcohol a mile away and you'll never get her... um, nevermind. Bitter and fruity aftertaste. 4 Stars.

Long Strong Tripel
By the Kansas boys at Boulevard in a 22 ouncer which finished me off. Light gold color, high head. Finally a damn tripel. Who do you have to sleep with to get a good tripel around here? Great banana and ester nose. The taste is a nice banana taste, light citrus, and a high champagne carbonation. Cloudy like it is bottle conditioned. A little bitter tasting aftertasting along with being sweet. High 3 Stars.
Of course Evans was destroyed, so that's that. It turns out they'll have the Evans-Rampage fight anyway and have them go through the Ultimate Fighter as coaches. They'll even have my boy Kimbo Slice on the show. I think this is first Ultimate Fighter season my wife will actually watch. So we get to see the Evans-Rampage fight we all wanted to see anyway. Love Lyoto Machida, but he ain't selling no rent.

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