Thursday, July 30, 2009

Beering in Buffalo: Part 2

Ok. Texas and Louisiana have to step it up in the Beer "restaurant" department. The next day I had some time to myself and zipped over near Buffalo State to grab some food and some brews. Ratebeer had my back once again as I found my way to Coles.

Coles is a great restaurant and cool little street near the university. Lots of bars and hangout spots up and down the line. I sat outdoors as it was like 73 deg F outside and just gawked at the menu. First off, there looked like a great line up of food, but the BEER LIST. DAMN!!! I haven't seen a beer list at a restaurant this awesome EVER!!!

I'm talking about 12 beers imperial level beers on tap, 33 on tap in all, and a whole bevy of super rare Belgian beers by the bottle. Not to mention that had plenty of food made with Kobe Beef. Just excellent. Just hit me with the flight.

Beer Log: July 13, 2009
State: Excited

Southern Tier Cole's 75th Anniversary Imperial IPA
This brew was brewed especially for Cole's anniversary. You know you have a great relationship with a brewery when they do that for you, AND IT'S ON TAP. Strong malt/alcohol nose. Copper with lacy white head. Excellent crispness for an IIPA. Strong caramel malt and very balanced hops. Imperial IPA that's not barleywine-ish. High 4 Stars.

Boulder Flashback Anniversary
Dark copper color with a tan head. Bready malty nose. The taste is like a buttery cinnamon muffin. Lots of butter, malt and hops flavor. Dammit I should have tried this one first. Quick finish with low carbonation and medium body. The butter goes away with time. This is just plain unfair after the Southern Tier. No rating.

Ellicottville St. Jacobs
Got to love the fact I crossed the river for which this brewery was named. Strong cinna-of-choco nose on a low headed black beer. Lots of dark caramel and chocolate flavor. Smoooooth body. Low carbonation with a full body. Lowly hopped with a great bread finish. 4 Star.

Southern Tier Choklut
Back to what is probably not my 3rd most favorite brewery. Milk chocolate nose. Dark brown color with long lasting creamy tan head. Lots of sweet chocolate, like a candy bar. Full full full body with smooth low carbonation. Like chocolate syrup was added. The beer has decent malt backbone to keep it up. The wife would love it. 3 Star.

Mikkeller Jackie Brown
The Denmarkians hit us with a brown ale color. Citrus grassy hop nose. Good strong grass hop flavor. The malt can't quite balance it. Bitter aftertaste comes and goes. But you know what, it works out GREAT with that chocolate finish. 4 Star.

Fantastic experience overall, and the Kobe beef cheeseburger was excellent. (I ate a lot of cheeseburgers on this trip). Run don't walk. Get to Coles immediately if you are in the Buffalo or Western New York area. I'm telling you now, you won't regret it. Especially with so much Southern Tier (who even have a Pumpkin Imperial beer), you must check it out. Get the Kobe Beef and have at it. Next up on the trip, Ontario.

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