Monday, July 27, 2009

Obama, Crowley, Gates, and Beer: My Take

It's the BEER that unites us all. How cool is it that Obama has invited the arresting officer (Sgt. Crowley) and Skip Gates to the White House for some BEER to smooth things over. Suck on THAT Wine People! Hey Crown Royal people... tell me how my a$$ taste!

I'm sitting here wondering if they'll go with some craft beer. I guess offering them Sam Adams would be kinda lame as Gates and Crowley live in Boston metro. I think they should not even go to the White House and hit up Brickskeller to do some beering. Who knows, maybe after a few pints, they can knock back some shots. On another note, I guess as President you can never really get drunk, or even drink enough to pass out. We all know there's sleep, then there's the pure unconsciousness that comes from good drinking. As President, you're always on call for a disaster right. So you can sleep all you want, but being straight unconscious I guess is out of the question. Talk about a sacrifice. Anyway, if they were going to drink a Beer I suggest the Collaboration, Not Litigation. A great beer from two excellent breweries, working together to make the world a better place. I've blogged about it in the past:

May 11, 2008
Collaboration, Not Litigation Ale
State: Slight hungry

How cool is this? Avery and Russian River got together to make Salvation. And if I'm understanding the bottle correctly, they just both made the same Belgian style of beer and blended them. Gotta love friends. "Sticking together is what good waffles do."

It's cloudy with a dark copper color with an offwhite head. It's smells of slight citrus, fruit, and malt. Kinda like Leffe (who I say is the standard Belgian). It's full bodied and slightly gritty on the tongue. It's smoooooooooooth, malty with slight spice and low hops. There's no aftertaste, but I can tell that this beer is very complex. This one was Batch #2. Maybe by the time I taste Batch #3 or #4, I would be able to discern what's going on. We did at least drink it in a wine goblet. I start eating ribs and fries, and the beer tastes more sour as it warms up. I like it, and wish I could have more.

My take on the Gates Situation:
I've admitted on this blog that I am one of those black conservatives. We are like the aliens in that Rowdy Roddy Piper movie They Live. We are EVERYWHERE AND GROWING, just kinda in hiding. I got one that can see!

But even I know that as a brotha, the LAST thing you want to do is mouth off to the cops. I've had "arguments" on Facebook about this issue with some of my more liberal black (read, all of them) friends. When a cop pulls you over or knocks on the door, you have three objectives in order of importance, 1) Don't do anything to incriminate yourself, 2) don't get beat down, 3) don't get arrested. Regardless of who you are, if you mouth off to the cops, you are going to get ALL three. Once the cops leave the area, you can always file reports, lawsuits, or work it out with your lawyer present. I'll let Chris Rock explain in the video below.

So the arresting officer (who teaches racial profiling awareness courses no less) is not apologizing, and Obama is backpedalling on his first comments. Gates is now saying he wants to let the matter die and he's smart to do so, as he was about to confined to Rev Wright status with the White House if he kept this BS going.


Machuca said...

Now the question is: What beer wil be had?

The American Don said...

Thanks for reading the blog. It seems like Barack Hussein is a Budweiser man. He's probably trying to be the "everyman" kind of guy by drinking swill. He may seem elitist if he drinks some Lindeman Framboise or something.