Saturday, July 4, 2009

Victory, Lagunitas, Steamworks & Southern Star. Who you kicking out the hot tub?

You want hops, we got hops. Let's clear out the old notebook for the Fourth. And why not lace in a few of my American Heroes.

Dusty Rhodes

Beer Log: May 15, 2009
State: At the Saucer enjoying life

Victory Hop Devil on cask
Floral hop nose on the low head. Basic copper color. Lots of sweetness to balance the strong citrus hops. A 30-45 second aftertaste of hop bitterness. Medium body and low carbonation. Just a big tank of an IPA. Very smooth and drinkable, and maybe some hints of oak as well. 4 Stars man.

Kurt Angle

Lagunitas Hop Stoopid
The nose nearly had me coughing. The weak white head on this beer was very deceptive. Amber color. Taste has lots of bitterness but not overwhelming, or stoopid either. There is enough malt to balance the hops, good points there. It's just that I've had better hop bombs. Or that I just drank the Victory Hop Devil just before this one and now the Stoopid has hints of bread in it. 3 Star. Don't worry, we'll try this one again with some hot wings or something. Lots of pine needle and grapefruit come out as it warms up. Very smooth, perfect balance. Great name to boot.

Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan

Beer Log May 19, 2009
State: At the Saucer on the way to a 'Stros game

Steamworks Third-Eye Pale
Don't know if this one will make me wiser, but it has a nice citrus hoppy smell. Copper color with a tan creamy head. The taste is a good hop bitterness with a balanced fruity malt, a bready chewy finish. There is no hop bite or aftertaste. Very smooth and mouthfilling with low carbonation that makes you want more. The more I drink it, the more the caramel character comes out. High 3 Star.

Ric Flair

Southern Star Pine Belt Pale
Glad I was able to review this local favorite finally. Piney nose, white head with a orange deep color. Great caramel malt leads off with the hops playing clean up. It's a little empty on the 2nd draught, not cool. It gets a little better with food and I'll take it at 3 Stars. Nice finish with a slight bite. The best Southern Star beer Easy. I know this beer will be a staple of mine as we hit the beach and the pool later on in the summer time. Got to support the local guys, and it's great b/c it comes in cans.

Let's wrap it up with my favorite politician

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