Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Beering in Buffalo: Part 1

Ah back in the old Great Lakes. After our reunion in Atlanta, I took the baby on a plane up to Buffalo, NY to spend the week with my mother and grandmother. The baby does really well on airplanes and I figured that since I had the days off, why not. I haven't been back to Buffalo since I was a kid. My mother was actually driving back from Atlanta with her fiance, so I stayed at my grandmother's house in Williamsville. When we got there, we decided to get some food and made our way over to Pizza Plant.

Pizza Plant came up on my Ratebeer searches for a beer bar in Williamsville. A web search of the Plant shows that they are HUGE into craft beer, with brewer's nights and whatnot. The place was jam packed with flare and whatnot. We ordered the BBQ chicken pizza and I had a couple of great beers, Inferno Pale Ale and Flying Bison Aviator Red. I couldn't really get the review down but the beers went pretty well with the BBQ.

The next day the baby went to the daycare my grandmother owns and I tried to get some work done. To get out of the house, I hopped in the car and went on to the Buffalo Brewpub, which is also in Williamsville.

Buffalo's first brewpub had a nice wooded kind of decor. I counted 34 taps on the wall with 4 of their own beers and several other local beers. It was somewhat early in the afternoon, so you know the kind of dudes that hang out drinking in a bar at 3PM on a workday. So I belly up to the bar and order the flight.

Bartender put a lemon on the glass, but if that's how they drink it... Nice banana and clove flavor. Low hops and a very good medium body. It tastes great cold and is kind of tingly on the tongue, nullus. Give me a High 3 Star even with the lemon.

Big white lasting head with lots of bubbles. The nose is bready and lemony. Taste is a big bread flavor without much else. The aftertaste is pretty bready as well. Low to medium hops. A little puckering feeling which to me means a hint of sourness. 3 Stars.

No head but a cookie nose (I know that's not specific). Medium body with a puckering sourness. Kinda like stale bread. 1 Star. I overheard some other guys saying they didn't like the Amber as well. They gotta work on this one.

Got to give them some props for the creative names. Cloudy orange color. No head, no nose but a sour hop flavor. And to think, we started off so well. Not cool. The beers are getting more sour on me. Kinda reminds me of Kona's Passion fruit wheat beer. No rating.

Deep ruby red color. Nose is sweet chocolate, cinnamon, and fruit. Flavors of chocolate, coffee and some lingering light malt. Very easy to drink with low hops. Full Body, 3 Star.

Three out of Five ain't bad. I'll say their top three beers are 1) Weisse, 2) Lager, and 3) Stout.

While I'm still here:

Saranac Pomegranate Wheat
Nose is pomegranate I guess. Who the hell knows what that smells like? Cloudy gold color with a big white head. There is an OK fruit flavor but a little light for a wheat beer. More like a bready beer. High carbonation and moderate drinkability. 2 Stars.

Flying Bison Rusty Chain
Nose is bready. Good citrus hops suddenly behind a light malt. Copper color. Low 3 Star.

To wrap it up, this place was pretty damn nice. I didn't order any food (still full from the reheated pizza), but it works for me. I'm sure I would enjoy frequenting this place from time to time. Looking forward to getting onto Ontario the next day.

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