Saturday, August 1, 2009

MSNBC, You're off the clock

The dude that wrote the article saying that "all beer tastes the same no matter what microbrewers tell you" just got put in this place. The beer community has converged and pimp slap James Duglosch for his blaspheming and he has since given up on his own comments. He now says he meant to say that big swill beer all tastes the same. DAMMIT! I didn't even get a chance to do my profane laden rants.

To date there are 69 pages worth of comments of people basically ripping this guy a new one.

What makes it so bad, this is probably the biggest amount of hits MSNBC has had online in a long time. There are more folk that read this blog than actually watch MSNBC. For fun, I'll just post some of the comments on this article: (These are so funny, I could read this all day)

"Dear James Dlugosch aka C.L.O.W.N.
Not all beer tastes the same. Next time you use your keyboard try not be drunk on strawberry wine. Thanks!
Concerned Citizen"

""all beer is pretty much the same"?
Mr. Dlugosch is a dolt."

"I hope this guy's butthole doesn't hurt from all the pwnage rammed up it. What a doofus moron... all beer tastes the same... HAH! I wonder what his opinion of Little Caesar's pizza is... "hey well, it all tastes the same, a dur a durrrr *mouthbreathe*." What high school do I have to drop out of to write articles for this site?"

"This guy got PAID to write this trash!?!?!?..........I gotta find me a virtual job like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Most of the beer in Nashville, for example, tastes the same. Although, even the south has come around in the last ten years or so. However, Portland or San Diego will blow your beer drinking mind. This guy is either on Coors payroll, or he wrote this to incite us. And wine in a box can be pretty decent. I buy Black Box cabernet and save my cash for Portland's world class beer."

"The Authors complete lack of knowledge on the subject is astounding! The sheer ignorance displayed here is truly flabbergasting. Does he think all wines taste the same? Or all food maybe? Does he know, I wonder, that beer has over 2000 flavor components, where wine has only 700? This is not an opinion, it is simply a fact.
That an author would write such an ill prepared and under researched article in a business section is staggering. He has totally lost all credibility, I simply wouldn't believe anything that he writes in the future. How embarrassing for him....
James, you should be ashamed, that was truly appalling work. "

" I agree with James. Roggenbier, India Pale Ale, Bitter, Barley Wine, Imperial Stout, Porter, Kriek, Gueuze, Dubbel, Tripel, Quadrupel, Saison, Biere de Garde, Weizenbock, Pilsner, Kolsch, Rauchbier, Sahti, Hefeweizen, Berliner Weisse, Gose, Dunkel, Scotch Ale, and California Common, among others, taste exactly the same.
Only the most perspicacious of individuals performing the most astounding of mental gymnastics could cut through the dense fog of microbrewery lies, exposing the fact that these styles merely denote the "experience" rather than flavor profiles. Kudos, dear sir!"

"i will stop reading msn news reports if idiotic statements like "all beers are the same" are promulgated by your "reporters". Please fire this reporter. He obviously cares little about the subject he reports upon."