Monday, June 1, 2009

Wife Out of Town Weekend Redux

Sunday I just took it easy and hung with a friend down in League City. I brought a shyteload of craft beer including some Divine Reserve and we just BS'ed around and played Street Fighter 4 and Call of Duty 18 or whatever the hell version they're on. Lots of food on the grill, but like guys we had no side dishes but some Texas Toast.

Man this was a fun arse weekend. And not everything even came to pass the way I wanted to. I managed to put about 600 miles on my car in a 3 day period, which may be more of a comment on how large this city is and how crappy I am at planning. But whatever. I didn't hit nearly the strip clubs I planned on, only one actually for like an hour. Okay 2. I was also able to reconnect with some old friends and maybe have a few new road dogs to hit the mean streets. The little woman was not holding me back, but its hard to just up and smoke cigars with the crew on a whim with a baby at the house.

Lord knows I miss that woman and the baby. I'm sitting here on a Monday night with a dough ball in my stomach (nullus), as I ate nothing but junk all day. I slammed down one Lagunitas Little Sumpin' beer and it's damn near knocking me out. Since I had to drive around and I wanted to maximize the weekend activities, I actually paced myself very well, imbibing a whole lot damn beer. Looking back on it, I probably would have been better served to slam 3 high gravity brews in a couple hours and just pass the f7ck out at someone's house every night.

I'm actually looking forward to going offshore for the mere fact that I will not drink alcohol and will manage to have some balanced meals. Normally I eat pretty well with the weight watchers and all, but I don't even think I had so much as a celery stick since the wife left. I managed to squeeze in a couple 7 mile runs, but I don't know if that going to do much.

And let's talk about Lagunitas a minute here. "Undercover Investigation Shutdown Ale", "A Little Sumpin Sumpin Ale", "Brown Shugga", "Correction Ale", "Hop Stoopid", "The Chronic". These beer names... Either these guys have gone to jail, or they are those white guys that listen to hardcore gangsta rap music. You know those dudes. They're actually pretty cool guys, but when they slap on the underground gangsta rap that would make the Three-6 Mafia sound like Boy George, I can't help but feel a little embarrassed for the race. And you know they want to sing along with the song but it has the dreaded "N-word" as every third word, so they can't say it around you. (Too much paperwork)

Anyway, I don't care who your Daddy is, Lagunitas brews only Double IPAs and puts random ass names on it. "Yeah, this is our Pilsner". But if I was brewing beer professionally and I was comfortable with blowing the palettes of 97% of the drinking population, I'd probably do the same thing. As much as I'm enjoying session beers these days like dunkel/dark lagers and toasty ambers, I say why the hell not. Lord knows we have enough pale ales floating around. Do we honestly need another pilsner brewed to spec? I like Lagunitas... hit 'em and hit 'em hard.

As much as I love having the bed to myself and whatnot, I do miss the fam. I won't see them until I get back to offshore. And I've just found out I may have screwed up some documentation, so this won't an easy next week or so. Well, if you don't do sh8t, you won't have sh8t to screw up. The wife is a great running buddy, but it's even better because I can make sweet love to her without being gay. She knows some her beer, has jumped into the beer world with me, and never fails to pick up maybe a couple six packs and bombers in a week at Specs. Although she does seem to like the dude that stocks the shelves at Specs. Well if it gets me free beer and gives me a pass to get with "Diamond" down at "the club" on occassion, I say let her flirt around with the dude. We're a pretty libertine family. But I look forward to getting back with her as the day I come back home, we are packing to hit the German Texas Hill Country for our anniversary. Busy day tomorrow... Have a good night.

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