Monday, June 22, 2009

Some like it Wet...

Beer Log: An Hour ago
State: Watching "The Dark Knight" on HBO for the 5th time this month

I finally decided to pick up a bottle of Sierra Nevada's Southern Hemisphere Harvest Ale, the 2009 version. This is a beer where they use only wet hops: basically hops they just picked off the vine and slapped it in the beer without drying or any other processing. A very rare process most don't have the resources or the ambition to make happen. It's kinda like smoking cannabis right off the plant without so much as grin... um bad example. It's like snorting the coca leaf right off th... um bad example. It's like sleeping with a girl the bad example. Let's move along.

SN Southern Hemisphere Harvest Ale
Ah the hops from New Zealand and flown in still wet. Caramel malt with grassy bitter hops on the nose. It has that classic Sierra Nevada dark copper color with a poofy kinda tan head. I wouldn't be surprised if their lemonade is dark copper. Damn, a big hop flavor at first, second, and last on the palette. A lingering sweet caramel that sticks around throughout it's journey over the palette. The hops are really grassy and citrusy. Wow on the high hoppy aftertaste. that takes its sweet time dissipating. I could really use some spicy hot fajitas to go with this one. Fantastic. Another 4 Star beer for SN.

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