Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ale to the Chief

You know, I probably should've drank this one while at the Inauguration, but I didn't want to get shot...

Beer Log: May 5, 2009

Avery Ale to the Chief
Raisin, malt, brown sugar, fruit nose, all very strong. Would you expect anything less from Avery. Big head on an orange beer. Smells just awesome. The taste is a great sweet malt with balanced hops. BALANCE PEOPLE! I would say this is like Sam Adams Boston Ale on the Juice, or a decently strong American Pale Ale. You don't get the caramel until halfway back on the tongue. 15 seconds on the hoppy aftertaste. High to moderate carbonation. Reminds me of some west coast Pale Ales now as it warms. The hops and malt seem chewy (if that makes any sense). The hops are pretty citrsy and slight musty, nothing wrong with that. 4 Star. The head lasts to the ends (hee hee). Avery, why did I ever doubt you?

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