Friday, June 26, 2009

Brick House Tavern + Tap

Run, don't walk. Do not pass Go, Go Directly to Brick House Tavern + Tap.

About 40-50 different beers in some form or fashion (tap, bottle). You can order beer in beer bongs or minikegs. Fantastic food (I had the chili and BBQ wings). Great flat screen TVs. Full reclining leather chairs (with cup/tray holders) smack dab in front of the TVs.

And I swear the most beautiful waitresses of any restaurant, bar and maybe strip club in the city. And they're rather aggressive at that. Be careful: don't even look 'em in the eye for too long or you'll fall in love. I felt like I was back in the 6th grade talking to the first girl in the class that hit puberty.

I passed the Professional Engineers exam, and a good friend of mine did the same. We decided that instead of driving around town acting a fool we'll just grab some drinks at the new bar on the northwest side of Houston. There was NO parking whatsoever. Folks were parked in the grass, on the side streets, in the middle of the lot, in the median. I swear they would have parked on the freeway if you let 'em. It's a damn Tuesday at 6PM. I almost have to step back, in fact I think I did step back as the smoking honey-brown skinned sistah opened the door for me and smiled at me like I was steak.

My friend shows up soon after and what was supposed to be a quick couple of brews turned into 3 hours of beering. I tried out the Ugly Pug beer by Rahr and Sons, and grabbed about 3 Longhammers after that. Dammit man, Widmer knows they can brew some session beer. The manager came by at we just had to shake his hand at some point for putting together such an establishment. I just love the whole Man Cave atmosphere to it all. Think of "The Man Show" from the old Comedy Central days without all the gay jokes. Houston's upper northwest has just made a big come up (no pun intended).


isos said...

You know you're in trouble, now, right? :-P

The American Don said...

You see I was just testing you to see if you read the blog. I see it took you a few days b4 seeing this post.