Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Word of the Day

Merriam-Webster's word of the day is oeniphile, a lover or connoisseur of wines. So what is a lover of beers called?

I did some googling around (yeah, i just can't get with "binging" around) and found others who wondered the same thing. Over at Real Beer, they talked about Gregg Smith's preferred term, cervisaphile. There's also beer enthusiast, beer snob and libationist. They got lots of comments and you can read the poll results and commentary.

So what do you guys think? I love the idea of having a one-word description, but apparently it didn't catch on. What do you guys call yourselves?


Troy Burtch said...

I like the word enthusiast. Beer Geek sounds just to geeky for me.

Anonymous said...

Yo brotha! I am in the hill country for the 4th, and then some (front and back). As for a word... hmmmm. Beer Snob is OK, but I am not really that - I will drink Bud, and whatever else. I just won't PAY for it. If someone offers to buy me a brew, great, I will take it. Whatever it is. If I am buying, most all of the commercial crap is out. How about "beerlover". That might do it.

The American Don said...

Enjoy the Hill Country my good man. The only time I touch lighter beers is if someone bought it for me, or it's a regional beer and I'm in that region.

And big shout out to Troy chiming in from TORONTO. We're going to definetly catch up while I'm out there in a few weeks. I'll have to make sure to add your link to this blog.

I think just Beer Connoisseur does me right. I'll also do a little pormanteau and call myself a "beermelier". I never liked Beer Geek either, though I know I fit the description.

isos said...

Well, okay, there is a parallel for sommelier. That person is called a cicerone. Check it out: http://www.cicerone.org

RubyHeart said...

You made a little typo. A beer enthusiast is a cerevisaphile. You were close.