Sunday, May 31, 2009

Wife Out of Town Beering: Part 3

So after a three hour nap, I wake up at 7 AM on Saturday to hit the golf course. Apparantly the word got out that I would be getting up early, b/c the wife and some friends decided to call me at 7:05. Anyway, I made it to the course at 8, just in time to see the course under construction. So we make it to another course nearby. I thought I had a club meeting at 10, so I only had time to hit the driving range.

I drove down to Rice Village just to find out the meeting was next week. I was still kinda tired and I went to my friends herbal tea shop. We all sat around and chatted it up for a couple hours and got some food at Ruggles. She gave me a shot of Ginseng and I was ready to roll. I made it back home with the thought that I would have a few hours to catch some zzzz's and relax before hitting the Flying Saucer and then the Dynamo game.

But as soon as I sat down with half a pitcher of Margarita, one of the guys called me saying he's got a case of beer and some cigars. So I jump in the car for the 20 mile ride to Cinco Ranch. The man normally drinks Corona so brought a party pack of beer from my own cabinet just in case. But turns out he had a case of Sam Adams Summer Seasonal. Granted we drank it out of bottles, but the Summer Seas White Ale seemed a lot better this year than what they had last year. We smoke a couple cigars and chat it up with the neighbors, then it was time to hit the Sauce once again.

I had the Lagunitas Correction Ale which claimed it was an American Ale. It was damn near a double IPA, but I don't know if they make a session beer out there. After that, I got some IPA from Ska that was not even as strong as the American Ale from Lagunitas. The Ska Modus Hoperandi was a pleasent yet kind of harsh IPA.

Afterward, my friend and I made it to the Dynamo game. The Houston Dynamo was apparently celebrating the Don Taylor Wife out of Town weekend, as they scored three goals on Toronto FC in like 5 minutes. Very very hype! Afterward, I made my way to my other boy's pool party back on the Westside. I don't know if it ever was a party, but there were a couple of old friends. We drank mostly Modelo Especial and Corona as we traded stories of visiting gay clubs, strip clubs, and generally getting slizzard with each other over the years. I must have been winding down b/c at about 1:30AM the girls wanted to hit a random after hours dance bar but I just wasn't up for it. The more I think about it a day later, I probably should have gone.

After some sobering up, I finally made it back home. An excellent weekend to be sure. One more day to go and I have a couple days during the week to keep it going before going back offshore.

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