Thursday, June 18, 2009

Santa Fe and Oskar Blues

Beer Log: Right Now
State: A little drained dealing with the baby all day. Ready to eat some steak.

Santa Fe State Pen Porter
Pours very smooth with a big poofy head. Nose is smokey, with some sweetness like cherries. Deep brown and cloudy if I can tell. Tan head. Tastes like the color black. Roasty and smokey flavor with a moderate bitterness (probably like bitter chocolate). Another couple slugs reveals a thick maltiness, kinda fruity. I'm enjoying it more and more as I drink it and it warms up a tad. Getting more malt and more cherry flavor. We had it at 42 deg F in the kegerator and I imagine it's at 55 deg F now. It goes splendidly with the wife's porter steak. High 3 stars. One time for Santa Fe coming strong.

I'm back on the weight watchers now that I've manage to gain about 8 lbs from my low a few months ago. Though I think this last measurement was too high because I didn't work out all week and we just ate out the whole time, but the scale doesn't lie. So I took it easy on the food today, went to town on some crystal light, and now have enough points for two more beers. Problem is, the wife is going to stay out all night (probably with her boyfriend), so I can't let 'er rip on the imperial beers anyway, baby and all.

...and much later on

Mama's Little Yella Pils
A can of this Oskar Blues beer should work out well to round out the night. Very clear straw with a decent head. Looks pretty fizzy though. Has a basic "beer" smell, just a little stronger. In other words, kinda funky bitter, kinda sweet, kinda veggie: basically what the swill drinkers would call "beer smell". On the flavor, I get a stronger than expected malt, with some toastiness, followed by a nice dose of bitter hops, maybe German Noble hops. (Damn, Lynette's pregnant... watching Desperate Housewives finale on DVR). Carbo is not too strong, but there is some level of ickiness bitterness in the aftertaste. Basically take your basic pilsner and dial everything a few notches. But not quite in a good way like an Imperial Pilsner. I do like that toastiness in there, it's almost a little nutty. And the body is not too thin. (Come on Susan get the hell outta there! That Tin Man is a bad MFer). I'll give this beer a solid 3 Star as the aftertaste eases up the more you drink it. Even in my tall pilsner glass. I can't see myself getting another sixer of this one but it does remind me of this little number. Dammit Latifah, did you have to get that reduction? We loved you the way you were.

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