Monday, June 22, 2009

Otter Creek Dubbel

A little more of that World Tour beer from Otter Creek. Last one wasn't bad.

Otter Creek Dubbel Ale
Smells like brown sugar, some cherry, a little banana, cinnamon, and some esteryness. Taste is surprisingly sour. Pretty dry, with a somewhat thin mouthfeel. Color is a deep brown with a quickly depleting tan head. The more I drink it, the more I get a little more sweetness, but it is completely overpowered by the sourness. The wife with her sweet tooth doesn't get much of a sourness at all. A quick check on beeradvocate broke it down well, some on my side, some on her side. I don't see where these chumps are getting all this molasses and raisins and whatnot. Some call it tart, while others call it sour. But whatever it is, I like a sweeter dubbel. Low 3 Stars/High 2 Star for me.

Hold the phone. It is a good 30 minutes later and that sourness has turned to what I would call tart. I'm getting a better mouthfeel (thermodynamically impossible unless this beer is made with peanut flour). It has a better sweetness fighting with all its might to get a piece of the action. Still pretty dry but there's nothing wrong with that. Gimme a solid low 3 star. I'm still not feeling the tartness, but I could actually see myself enjoying this beer with some sort of dry mahi mahi or something. Who knows.

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