Tuesday, June 16, 2009

IPA to the Rescue

Who doesn't like peaches or peach in beer. If you combine your peach beer with apricot beers, you're really kicking arse. About the only brewery that truly screwed the pooch with peaches this year is ironically Dogfish Head, probably one of the best craft breweries on the planet. But we are ready to rock and roll with another peach beer and from the Dawgs no less.

Beer Log: Today
State: Glad we got the AC fixed, still a little loopy after running at 10K in 95 deg weather earlier today.

Dogfish Head Festina Peche
The wife picked up this one in Maryland during the Wife Out of Town Weekend Extravaganza. I wouldn't have let her back in the house but she brought home about a case worth of craft beer. This one has a veggie and sweet nose on it. The color is slightly cloudy with a straw color and a thin white head. The wife said this one was a Berliner Weissen, so I wasn't fired up. The taste is rather sour and puckering, just opened my eyes. A nice slight breadiness on the aftertaste. I don't taste no peche though. It actually reminds of those Pinot Grigios we had in the Hill country, just on steroids. Kinda has a "feet" thing going on. No rating here as I just have not gotten into sour beers. I think I may be hitting the Saucer again, so I may have to do a flight of sour beers or something.

But luckily we always have some IPA in the house in the event of a bad tasting (to me) beer. The only one in the whole damn house we have that is chilled is from Boulevard. All these IPAs I bring into the house and the woman has my kegerator stocked with chocolate beers and whatnot.

Boulevard Single Wide IPA
Orange color with some chill haze. Seriously strong white head. Nose is pleasantly fruity and flowery (nullus). And a touch of lace as well. Now that's a citrusy balanced IPA right there baby. Great moderate to high carbonation and light body. Great malt that goes with strong hops. I don't need a beer where the dudes just threw in buckets of hops without any regard to balance. Maybe it's b/c of all the hop forward beers I've been having recently, or it's hot as all get out these days. But this nice. Easily the best Boully beer I've had so far. Amazing how I can't stand their Pale Ale. 4 stars for what I'll call a great basic IPA.


Lee said...

I like almost everything Blvd does, but yes, the Single-Wide is the best of their regular lineup.

Try their Smokestack Series stuff. The Double-Wide is sublime.

The American Don said...

what's up Lee. I've already got the Double Wide in the house and just need to chill it down. I don't think I formally reviewed it yet but I did not care for the Zon and the Lunar beers. Not sure what happened there.

Lee said...

I'm so-so on the Lunar, but I really liked the Zon, which surprised me, because I'm normally not a wheat beer kind of guy.