Monday, June 15, 2009

Shiner Smokehouse

Shiner has a new beer out, and we picked up a bottle in Fredericksburg. Apparently you can buy beer by the bottle out there. In Houston, you are married to a six pack. But it looks like Shiner is getting into the smoked beer. Not bad for a brewery that many are saying is not even a craft brewery. Shiner is staying true to Texas with it's Texas themed beers. We already had Holiday Cheer with the Texas pecans and peaches and now they are getting into mesquite smoke. If Shiner had commercials, you could also hear the guy in a cowboy hat on a ranch somewhere talking about that Mesquite smokey flavor in a Helles Lager.

State: Chilling, eating some fried rice
Beer Log: Right now

Shiner Smokehouse
Smells kinda smokey and a little malty. Pretty smooth and crisp. A touch of smoke and not much of an aftertaste. Clear fried rice looking color. Has a little dryness as well. I don't think I've had enough Mesquite flavored anything, but I can't tell. I do get a little spice as it warms. Low 3 Star.

I was a little concerned that it would smell and taste like bacon. Not bad at all, but I'd rather have the bock out of the bottle or even the 100. Seems like Shiner is content to take it easy on the flavor. As much as it upsets many craft beer folk, it's going to 1) get some units sold, and 2) fit in well with these 100 deg F days we've been having out here.

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Anonymous said...

Good Beer. Im usually an IPA geek but this stuff goes down way too easy in the heat. The flavor just works with Tex Mex.