Saturday, June 20, 2009

You Mean I Never Reviewed Ruination?

I know something must be wrong, because I'm looking through my old posts and I cannot find anything on Stone Ruination. I know I had it at the Saucer sometime in the past, but I can't remember writing anything down. Well, I did write a review a couple months ago, but I could have sworn I did one earlier.

Stone Ruination IPA
Clear orange color with a flowery citrus hop aroma with a thick white head. The taste has a strong strong bitterness with just barely enough malt to balance the way it should be. This is a true hop bomb. And it was fantastic with the buffalo wings. 5 Stars all day long as I notice the touch of sourness a la Belgium with caps it off nicely. I judge this is stronger than Avery Maharajah. This is what we mean when we say a hop bomb. They amped up the malt just enough to balance rather than just dumping in buckets of hops like a fiend. Like MusicmanSD said on Beeradvocate: "Stone Just Destroys All"

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