Saturday, June 13, 2009

Texas Hill Country: Part 1

Just finished roaming through the Hill Country. With all the wineries, it's very easy to forget to eat any food and just keep sampling wine and enjoying the view. If you weigh 206 lbs, it's no big deal to spend all day drinking wine and whatnot. If you weight are a much smaller woman like my wife, you're going to eventually clock out and pass out in the hotel at 6PM, as she is right now. Poor woman.

I'm ready to rock and roll, but she's done, maybe for the night. Way to much wine. And it's probably more those damn Diet Coke's that she drinks. I keep telling her that that stuff is junk (even the diet version) and you should drink water. But whatever. I'm wide awake and ready to keep beering, and she's out like a light. Anyway, we had a great time drinking beer and wine in the Hill Country. I'll probably save the bulk of the information about this trip for The Session later on next month.

Anyway, we're here in Austin during the Biker weekend and ready to party hard, at least I am. Should be some good beering as usual. Already hit Uncle Billy's Brew and Que for a couple of their new beers. Also plan on hitting Lovejoys, and watching the UFC somewhere tonight. Will let all know how it goes. Holla.

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