Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dogfish Head Aprihop, Round 2

It's time finally for the spring beers to come out. I think I still have to mark up my posts to give my best winter and Christmas (or Holiday) beers. Anyway, I'm getting into the spring beers now, things like Mardi Gras Bocks, regular bocks, and Lord only knows Spring Beers are back in season. Just in time for Crawfish season here on the Gulf. Anyway, let's take another look at the Aprihop from the land mammals at Dogfish.

State: Have a slight hangover from drinking up the last of my homebrewed belgian wit, but still ready to beer it up.
Beer Log: Right now

Dogfish Head Aprihop
Oh yes, smells like those apricots out of the can. A slight hop in the nose, but o'erpowered by the apricot. Head is nice and thick on top of a clear copper color beer. Beer is REALLY sweet, and very unbalanced. *Gives the sideeye to Dogfish head* Almost knocks you down with the apricot. The handbook says it should be somewhat subtle flavors accenting the beer. This is more like beer flavored apricot juice. It just too tangy, too tart, too peachy. I'm sorry. Low 3 Star.

Either the Dawgs changed their recipe, or I just evolved from the last time I looked at it.

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