Monday, May 4, 2009

Sam Adams Imperial Stout

Another beer in the Sam Adams Imperial Series. Seems like old boy at the Barley Vine is waaaaaaay ahead of me on the Sam Adams beers. I haven't even cracked open the Longshot beersyet.

Beer Log: Right now
State: Chillin

Sam Adams Imperial Stout
Smells like cinnamon, plum, a little alcohol, and some malt. Can't see nothin through this deep brown beer. The head is true crayon brown with a serious smooth head (sans Nitro no less). Wow! Lots of malt, lots of sweetness. Made me sneeze. A little grainy and whatnot. Full bodied but not quite those milkshake thick beers I've had before. I'm barely getting a touch of hops. Just too sweet for me man. 3 Star.

The bottle says it has anise which wikipedia says is a licorice flavor... and I will buy that. In fact, that sweetness is kinda licorice like. Maybe even a touch of port wine sweetness. As it warms I can get that chocolate and coffee now. Nice.

I couldn't resist this song with the whole Imperial Series thing. Yeah, I thought this song sucked too in its day, but it does have Rah Digga.

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