Saturday, May 2, 2009

Lushing in Vegas: Part 1

Beer Log: March 25, 2009

State: Just landed in Vegas, weather is not hot at all

A good 4 days after leaving New Orleans, I had a company recruiting trip to Las Vegas. Seeing as how we were and are knee deep in a recession, you can imagine how timid I was asking the boss if I could go.

We stayed at the Monte Carlo and WHAT LUCK they have a brewpub on the bottom floor. This is going to be SWEET.

Within 1 hour of checking in at the hotel I get down to the Monte Carlo pub and brewery, I can see the fermentors and whatnot (see pic above). Hell yeah! I figure I'll sneak in a few reviews before meeting up with the team. Well, the bartenders tells me that they are no longer brewing beer and only have one local beer available. The F7ck?

Well we take what we can get...

Sin City Stout
Nice chocolate nose, though not too strong. Deep brown color. Excellent tan haead. The taste has great chocolate and subtle coffee notes. The beer just fills up your mouth (nullus). Fourth draught and I 'm getting that citrus lurking in the backround, and a moderate hop on the aftertaste. And that was just the taster.

I order the full glass and I can now see that this beer is on nitro with that super smooth creamy head (nullus). And here it comes, the metal. It's like I'm licking a penny. WTF. It was 4 stars on the taster, and 3 stars now. Of course they did serve it bone chilling cold. As it warms up the metal goes away. I wonder how much they want for that equipment?
I did make it to our meeting. We hosted a great party for the conference goers and managed to sneak in a few shots of tequila at the bar later on. Maybe I shouldn't have been wearing company nalia while challenging the folks at the bar for another round. No more beers to speak of for the rest of the night. Just partying.


Jim said...

Man, I feel your pain. I found this awesome looking place near me when I moved to CT called the Brewhouse - I could see the gleaming copper tanks through the windows. Couldn't wait to check it out, until I found out it was the site of an old brewery and was simply a restaurant now - none of the equipment was operational. Sigh, it's a damn shame letting beautiful gear like that go to waste.

The American Don said...

For a beerman, that's like taking Beyonce to your hotel room, just to find out your reservation has been cancelled.

I think Monte Carlo has plans to sell that equipment to someone. But then again this is Vegas, they are all about the decor, with nothing real behind it.