Monday, May 4, 2009

Lushing in Vegas: Part 2

I actually have another post for these reviews outlining my getting blasted during the day in Vegas and sexually verbally assaulting women on the phone, but I'm going to hold off on that post until I've like, retired from my job or the wife has already divorced me.

Beer Log: March 26, 2009

State: Just out drinking on the solo

I've a lot of downtime (all day) before I can catch up with my friends that night, so in the early afternoon I go to Nine Fine Irishmen in the New York New York Casino for some food and drank. This pub is fantastic and damned if they don't have actual Irish guys serving you the beer and New Yorkers all over the place. Bellying up to the bar, I order Magner's, the only drink on tap I had not had.


Damned if this stuff doesn't smell like apple cider... OH IT IS APPLE CIDER. Well let's review anyway. It's a cider, apple, pretty nice, not drying, more drinkable than Woodchuck. Gold amber color is nice. Could be that this is my first drink all day why I like it so much. There's a little aftertaste. It's kinda sour but not much. 3 Star

Nine Fine is pretty crunk if I remember last time, with some live Irish band.

I make my way to the ESPNZone with some folk I met at the bar. I had Tenaya Creek Nut Brown Ale, smelled and tasted like butter. Then they got me a sample of Tenaya's Winter Spiced Ale. A little cinnamon, a little dry. No thank you.

After that, I usually order and IPA but I do see a new Kona on tap

State: A few SoCo shots into the day

Kona Fire Rock
Copper color, white head. Nose has a citrus hops and maybe some butter. Strong to moderate citrus hop taste with a quick finish. I see ya with the nice bread going on. I'm good to go with this pale ale. Its not a West Coast, but more like a weak American to a Strong British Pale Ale. Some cara-pils in there and more bread as it warms. 3 Star.


Tracy said...

I stayed at NY-NY in December and visited Nine Fine Irishmen quite often since it was right downstairs. Now if I could just get a place here in Houston over The Flying Saucer ...

The American Don said...

Yeah. Everytime a few of us go downtown, we want to quit our jobs and work for Chevron or something so we can have an office downtown... Just so we can go to the Saucer.