Monday, May 25, 2009

Sam Adams Longshot: Carissa Sweigart

Well now we're wrapping up the three Sam Adams Longshot. For those just joining us, the Longshot competition is a national homebrew competition, where the winner gets his or her beer brewed at Sam Adams Brewery in Boston and distributed throughout the nation. Boston Beer company (owner of Sam Adams brands) has decided to set up all their employees with an internal competition, and that winner will also have his/her beer distributed.

How cool is that. Every accountant and mail boy will now have a chance to know how the company makes its money. I am all about people being a part of the business of the company. If you have a job and you do not do whatever the company's business is, you are not very relevant. Doesn't matter if you're the Vice President of your department. Oh it's real.

By the lovely Mme Sweigart has done a great looking Cranberry Wit beer. I have yet to find a good fruit wheat beer (that does not have apricot or peaches) that works for me. A lot of these fruit beers are just too harsh or not strong enough. But let's see about the last of the Sam Adams Longshot...

Cranberry Wit
Great white lasting head, excellent cloudy color. Nose is bready, light fruit (I'm assuming cranberry), and a touch estery. Taste is medium body and bready, feels like I'm chomping in some fresh potato bread. People that don't eat potato bread should be shot. A subtle yet noticeable cranberry. That's a good wheatbeer. Nice to have something different than just orange. Much better put together than the wheat beer from Hawaii with the passion fruit. A touch low on the carbo, which I like. 3 Star.

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