Saturday, May 2, 2009

Left Hand Warrior: Can You Dig It

Beer Log: March 22, 2009
State: Trying to relax after driving back from Houma, LA

Everybody in the house knows when Daddy finally makes it to the Specs to pick out a few beers: LINE UP THE IPAs. The left handed bandits never fail me and I see they have Twin Sisters and Warrior IPA. In my beer evolution, I do like having a beer that features only one hop. Kinda like how Sierra Nevada will bash you over the head with Cascade hops, to the point that you'll always know it when you taste it (hello Budweiser Am Ale).

Left Hand Warrior IPA
Nose is moderate citrus, kinda like lime with some pine/grass thing going on. It has a nice poofy head sitting atop a tinged red amber color. Once the head gets a little out of the way, I can taste a nice citrus hops, with a low malt. There's no rush of hops or hop bite, but the finish leaves a hoppy residue in your mouth. (nullus) Light body, but I'm not getting much in the way of bread, biscuit, or caramel, just hops. Kinda like a hop tea. As it warms I do get more bread and light caramel with saves the day. I started drinking it at 42 deg F, which probably means it reached its best around 50 deg. I'm sorry, open bottles of IPAs don't last long around me to get up to 60 deg. In fact, any IPA that is chilled and somehow ends up OUTSIDE the fridge or kegerator will not last long. High 3 Star for the old hop bomb. I can dig it.

Oh, and unless I'm mistaken, Left Hand is selling their brew system to St Arnold Brewery in Houston for their expansion to that new facility just north of downtown. That's what it's all about man! Brew Love Man!

And Later on

Heiner Brau Kolsch
One time for a Louisiana brewery. A little funky and candy sweet nose. The taste has some light bread and hops to accompany its smooth body. Great drinkability as a kolsch should, with no aftertaste. This is a just a better version of your normal swill. At this point I was already starting to develop a taste for dark lager and bocks though. High 2 Star.

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