Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Upcoming Events: Wife Out of Town Weekend

Oh yes. You've went to the dinner party where you're the only dude that showed up. You cleaning up everything and vacuuming, washing dishes and whatnot. And now my reward, the wife and child are going out of town for an entire week and I have the city to myself. I was originally supposed to be offshore, but they kicked me off b/c they ran out of bunk space. Oh it's true, it's damn true.

And you know the only thing better than this... is two of the boys' wives are ALSO going to be out of town. We've lined up a visit to Two Rows to watch some NBA on Thursday and sample some beer at another "Oil & Gas Boys Happy Hour". The golf clubs are going to put to use a few times. I'm emptying out our session beer cabinet in the house to take with me to various house parties. I've already got 1 game night, 1 house party, and a WEEKEND LONG POOL PARTY lined up and ready to go. And a friend of mine suggested we hit his new house in the Heights for some Sierra Nevada on tap and poker. I'll be hanging out at Gingerman, of course the Saucer, and if it weren't for some new laws, we'd probably end up at the HK.

The Misses plans on writing out a menu of food to cook for the rest of the week so I can eat and not die.

As you can guess, this could get real ugly real fast. I'm halfway considering getting a hotel room somewhere downtown so I don't get tempted to drive home to the 'burbs in a less than sober state, but I plan on pacing myself, and locking up a designated driver here and there. I'm still recovering from the Margarita Monday we had yesterday with some friends.

And I just locked down the hotel rooms in MUNICH for Oktoberfest. We'll be staying at a hotel (all the hostels were waaaaaaaay booked up) about 4 subway stops from Oktoberfest. We'll spend the last weekend of Oktoberfest in Munich. This is a guys only trip as well. The only reason we won't be spending more time in Munich is b/c we've set up a warmup trip to Amsterdam. Oh it's real. There's some brewpubs, probably some decent Trappists, some fresh Heineken... aw hell we're staying at the Bulldog Hostel. Oh it's real, it's damn real. If you're wondering how it goes down in Amsterdam, I'm lining up a "different" review of the Heineken faux-brewery for "The Session" post in June. Should be fun.

The beauty of it all, is the wife knows I like to party it up so I get the green light. Plus, she knows I'm stupid enough to post everything I do. Not to mention she has about 4000 friends in the city that always pop up wherever we are. There's probably a few readers of this blog that would sell me out and slap me up on Facebook first chance they got.

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