Saturday, May 2, 2009

Kosmos Reserve, Shiner

Beer Log: March 24, 2009

FINALLY we reach the 100 year anniversary of Shiner. I'm sure I've blogged on here before that it was indeed Shiner Beers and mainly Shiner Bock that made me stop drinking Miller Lite and start drinking craft beer. Texans are pretty proud of Shiner even if our Texas Beer Connoisseur community doesn't think so. Saint Arnold's in Houston is going to make a run at the title, but many still consider Shiner Bock to be the Beer of Texas.

So anyway, in addition to their commemorative 100 year anniversary beer, they put out a Kosmos Reserve. Kosmos Spoetzl who eventually came to own the now Spoetzl brewery. Here a link if you want more information on the history. But Spoetzl brewery put out this beer in honor of Kosmos himself. They actually sold it ONLY in a party pack with beers like Shiner Blonde (forgot how much I enjoyed that one) and Shiner Hefeweizen (forgot how much I did not enjoy that one).

Shiner Kosmos Reserve

Golden color with a strong white head. It has a lager and veggie smell. The first thing I taste is metal, then some icky hops somewhere on the tongue. If I ever ate copper, that's probably what it would taste like.

And that's all I have in my book. This beer gets the big "WHAT THE HELL?" I don't know if M. Kosmos actually brewed this recipe, but there's probably a reason they focused on the Bock. After kicking some arse with Shiner 99 and Shiner Holiday Cheer, they just kinda went the other way. I know Spoetzl is staying true to the art and tradition, so perhaps I just got a bad bottle... from a brand new beer... from a brewery a good 100 miles from my house... at the best beer shop in the State. Actually, I just went to beeradvocate and apparently a lot of us are getting that "metal malt" thing. I think all of us just had very high expectations.
I haven't seen it on tap anywhere in Houston and doubtful I'll be buying another party pack of Shiner Beer. In Texas, that's like buying a Miller party pack. Oh well. Be like that sometime. Saint Arnold you're on the clock... oh is that Divine Reserve #6 in my cellar?

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