Friday, May 29, 2009

Wife Out of Town Weekend Beering: Part 1

Well, I didn't make it home until about 1AM. Actually pretty good. I even managed to pace myself at Two Rows, the only true brew onsite brewpub in Houston. Yes, we made it back to Two Rows to hang out and catch the Orlando/Cleveland game. Even though I was born in Cleveland, I haven't lived there in 20 years, and my contrarian side is taking over, so I was rooting for the Jamlando Magic. So many people are on Lebron James' nuts, I just have to go against him.

Two Rows in Rice Village seems to have upped the ante with the creativity. I can't remember if this beer was here before, but I first got a glass of their Dunkel Lager.

Beer Log: Thursday 29, 2009
State: Chillin, reading a book waiting for the crew to arrive

Dark Star Lager
Brown and rather murky appearance, great tan smooth head (no homo). Nose is a little roasty and malty. The order in which I taste the elements in this one: chocolate, roast, sourness (lemon), moderate carbonation, and bready finish. A little thin on the body, but then again it is a lager. It just gets more sour the more I drink it. But it is crisp and refreshing with a lacy head to help you mark time. Low 3 Star. I asked the bartender and a couple other folks in the crew that had this beer, and nobody got the sour notes but me. Oh well.

Afterward, I wanted to sample their seasonal or special brews. Whoever is brewing at Two
Rows is really letting it rip with a Jalapeno beer and a Raspberry Lager, both named for "Uncle Red". I wasn't sure if I'd like either one so I got the samplers. The Raspberry beer was very pleasant. A nice soft raspberry flavor in a crisp lager, nothing over the top. No real tartness like the lambics and whatnot. I actually ordered a full glass of it, 3 Stars. The Jalapeno smelled just like jalapeno, and tasted like a jalapeno tea. As much as I like spicy food and whatnot, this one just ain't happening for me. 1 Star. Funny that a couple people in the crew tried it as well and liked it. I'm sorry, but beer mixed with peppers and whatnot have all pretty much sucked, IMO.

I can tell my palette is digi-volving again. After a few waters, I got their IPA and it just was not balanced at all. The hops just dominated the malt and not in a good way. Too bitter on the tongue and aftertaste. After the game most of the crew left and I went downstairs with the only other dude that could hang to join some other friends at Baker St. Pub.

This is a pretty cool English pub that always seems to have white guys playing Snoop Dogg songs on acoustic guitar. This time it was a jazz like ska like rock band (lead guitar, bass (a brotha at that), and a drummer). They did a rock/reggae (also known as ska) version of "Gin and Juice". It was very tight. I ordered a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale on tap and it tasted very similar to the IPA from Two Rows, just too hop forward. Normally I would knock back some SNPA in NO TIME but this just wasn't pleasant. Nothing like a good commercial calibration to know your palette is off or has evolved.

I've been having a strong craving for amber ale (Bud Am Ale, Sam Adams Boston Ale) and dark lagers like Heineken Dark. I guess it's that time of year. Well, I gotta get cleaned up here before hitting the driving range and clean up the house. I still have like... stripper glitter on me from last night. Holla

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