Saturday, May 2, 2009

Save Us IPA

As per my rules, after having a bad beer, and IPA is to follow.

March 24, 2009
State: Just Finished Kosmos Reserve

Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA
Grassy/citrus hops with malty caramel nose. Oh yeah baby. It has that classic Sierra Nevada reddish amber with the BIG poofy white head. That taste gives me a nice big malt and bitter cascade, with a nice light aftertaste. Low carbonation to boot. The caramel malt is nearly o'er powering the hops, amazing for a Sierra Nevada, who never met a hop they didn't like. We're catching things up as it warms, as the malt is starting to remind me of a cinnamon cookie and the harsh hops are more balanced. Light to medium body and 4 Stars for what I'll just call an amped up Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

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