Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lushing in Vegas: Part 3, Salt Lake City

Yeah, um. I can't find my damn reviews for Vegas. I had several new beers and most of the stuff from Sin City Brewing. Nothing from a brewpub as I couldn't make it that far up the strip. Anyway, I was trying to save the company a little money and took a cheaper flight back to Houston that would take me through Salt Lake City. I've never been to Utah or anything, but the layover is all of 1 hour, so no big deal. As we were trying to land in SLC, a snowstorm decided to blow in. And anyone who watches the Weather Channel knows the craziest winds occur when the weather is in flux. So our little ExpressJet plane is BOUNCING up and down in big leaps as we circle SLC trying to figure out how to land. I happen to have my Ipod on the Brewing Network, so rather than listening to a bunch of women scream, I just turn up the volume. Hey, if I'm going out, at least I'll hear the boys living it up in Doctoberfest.

We do eventually land and I have a little time and happen to see a little something called Squatters. It's a beer bar in the airport. It's all of 9AM local time and I'm SURE that the airport smack dab in Utah won't let me buy beer that early in the morning. I ask the hostess if I could order a beer and lo and behold she says yeah. And what's this, they have locally brewed beer? Beer and Mormons. It doesn't get much better than that.

Beer Log: Hell if I remember what day it was
State: Still a little shaken after the rough landing, my system is starting to purge the sin

Provo Girl Pilsner
Clear straw color with a nice bread and hop flavor. No nose to speak of (big drawback of a beer flight). Decent malt comes in there with a quick finish. Another sip and you'll notice the high carbonation. 3 Stars

Chasing Tail Golden Ale
Amber reddish color. Smells like soap (let's rinse these glasses fellas). Weir flavor with some unholy mixture of sourness and bread. NO THANK YOU. Some time later I did not that it is rather dry and not as sour when it warms.

American Wheat Hef
More sour nose and taste again, with a nice cloudy wheat beer appearance. Not much of the hefeweizen I'm used to. No thanks again due to the sourness.

About this time the waiter comes by as he's probably noticing I'm writing down my reviews of these beers. He asked me how the beer was and I said it was pretty good. He seemed very proud of the beer and said "Not bad for a bunch of Mormons" and does some sort of fist pump. Good for them. Lord knows I've lived in many a state the still considers beer the devil's brew. The bar seems to have a few goth kids working back there and some dude that seems really ticked off, blathering about the beer being 4% ABV. Oh well, it is early.

Organic Amber
Deep amber copper. Lots of fresh bread and a touch of sour again with a lacy white head.

Dammit man what's up with this sourness. Has anyone else had this experience at a brewpub? All the beers are sour to me? Easy on the acid man! No real signs of infection from where I stand. Just that sourness in several of the beers.

Full Suspension Pale Ale
Cloudy orange color with a very grassy hop aroma. The hops comes through strong on the taste yet unbalanced with the malt. Nice aftertaste with those hops as well. It's more American than English. 3 Star.

Dry Irish Stout (on a nitro tap)
Smells sweet and chocolaty. Brown ruby color. It's a little thin on the mouthfeel and a touch watery. I like the mouthfeel but it leaves me hanging. There's a touch of sourness as well. 3 Star.

Captain Bastards Oatmeal
Deep rich black color. Chocolate coffee nose with a coffee and roasty flavor. Finally a full bodied beer with lost of soul. Finishes with some citrus and sourness. 3 Star.

And I could not leave the state without trying a bottle of:

Polygamy Porter
Thick head with a brown color. A little thin and a little astringent with a touch of citrus and sour. Not much of a malty character, just some roast. Low 3 Star.

Overall, it could have been that I was still sick from all the drinking in Vegas, that I had a horrible flight, or that it was in the morning, but this experience just didn't do it for me. The Mormons deserve a better review, but that's all I got. The whole time I could have just been thinking about the time I tried to date this one Mormon back in Undergrad. She was very cute and rather interested in a brotha. And she was black to boot. Yes there are black Mormons, and I went out with one. I can't remember how it all turned out, but as I was on a highway to Hell while in college, I guess it wouldn't have worked. Maybe she should have told me they are allowed too drink beer. We could have made it work.

Anyway, I commend them for putting a microbrew beer bar in the airport. ALL airports should have something like this. Fantastic "local" experience.

My top three at Squatters are:
3. Provo Girl Pilsner
2. Captain Bastards Oatmeal
1. Full Suspension Pale Ale.

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