Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sam Adams Imperial White

Wow. I just had the first in the Sam Adams Imperial Series. We were eating some tilapia with baked beans, and so what's better than the Imperial White beer. I was greatly intrigued by the fact that they "Imperialized" a witbier. Then again, they did make an Imperial Pilsner with Hallertau hops, which was great as well.

Sam Adams Imperial White

Has a great cloudy orange look with a serious head in my snifter (nullus). You've got to love the great orange and coriander nose. The mouthfeel is very smooth and filling, with a taste of big orange, coriander, ester, and maybe some slight fruitiness. Whatever hops are in there balance it out, b/c the carbonation is not very prevalent. This beer proved a great foil for the tilapia, and stood up to the brown sugar in teh baked beans. The beer is perfectly balanced, and you get very little sense of the 10% alcohol by volume lurking underneath. The finish is pretty quick, but leaves you wanting more. Just awesome.

Let me put it like this: RUN DON'T WALK. For the great beer and the great creativity, this is a solid 5 Star beer. (5 Star rating means it's a beer that defines why we're doing beer in the first place). Big flavor, but still true enough to the style. I could get a few cases of these Imperial beers and cellar the heck out of them.
I'm just glad I don't live back in Mississippi, with those alcohol restrictions and all.

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