Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Richmond Arms for some Czech Beer

Beer log: February 1, 2009
On this day, I finally made it back to Richmond Arms pub on Richmond in Houston. This sector of Richmond Street in Houston is the closest thing we have to a red light district. Quite a few bars, hookah bars, and of course strip clubs. Word on the street is there are a couple of “houses of pleasure” some where on Richmond but that’s neither here nor there. But tucked into Richmond area is a great British pub that always has on some rugby and soccer. NICE. The bartender is very knowledgeable and friendly. If I ever were to open my own beer bar, I would model after the ARMS. Though maybe with fried rice on the menu, eff you guys.

Pilsner Urquell
How nice. I’ve been looking for some Urquell on draft. Straw and clear color with a light saaz hop smell. Taste is a good pils malt with some lingering bitter hop. You get a lot of bread with some malt backbone. Not bad at all. 3 Stars.

Sticking with the Czechs, I figure we’ll go for the original Bud on draft. Straw with a white head. Kinda bland with a funky taste. Light on the bread and hops. 2 Star. It’s better than Budweiser with a touch more to it. I’d love to give it another go in the Czech Republic.

Czechvar and A-B have an ongoing lawsuit about the name Budweiser and all that rot, but they signed a deal for A-B to distribute Czechvar. Damned if Czechvar is not on A-B's list of beers on their website. Like the Million Dollar Man Ted DeBiasi once said, "everybody has a price". Or like Deion Sanders once said:

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