Thursday, April 23, 2009

Early Spring Beer in Late Spring

More blogging before the big exam tomorrow...

State: Starting to get a little nervous
Beer Log: April 23, 2009

Sierra Nevada Early Spring Beer
I realize that it is now late spring and the summer beers are coming out. Strong strong head with a grassy and citrus nose. The color is that classic Sierra Nevada light copper with slight chill haze. Taste is a nice grassy citrus hops followed by some earthy rounded malt. The more I drink it and it warms up I'm getting a touch of sourness. We've had this beer for a few months and only knocked back a couple bottles. So that may have something to do with it. The head is pretty lacy, and the aftertaste is pretty citrus hop flavor, not unpleasant. The beer has a "first hop" "second malt" thing as it proceeds across your tongue. Not bad at all. 3 Star, would be high 3 without that sourness and the aftertaste can linger on you. A little cloying as well.

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