Monday, April 27, 2009

Wife's first post

Beer Log: Right now
State: A slight headache from dealing with the wireless and the baby and Don.

Sam Adams Imperial Doppelbock

First poured it is not as dark as I'd expect it to be. Kind of a dark amber color. Some red in it. I was expecting it to be a really dark brown like Optimator and Celebrator. Smells good, no alcohol. Just smells sweet, no roastiness. No kinda coffee notes on the notes, just sugar sweet. Oh. It's a good beer, medium body. Carbonation is pretty low, a little overly sweet to me. Kind of candy sweet, almost cloying. One of the first doppelbock I've tasted that could have used a little more hops. No hot alcohol flavor. Optimator you feel the alcohol pretty quickly, but there's no balance roasty or coffee. Is just a malt sugar sweet. The more I drink it the more I really don't like this right now. It reminds me of a belgian we had before, maybe Delirium Nocturnum. I enjoy the malty flavors, not the sweet flavor. This beer just needs more hops to balance off. It seems like they just threw extra sugar in there. The Shiner 100 is a better doppelbock than this, and I didn't care for the Shiner 100. The 100 was too light in flavor and body. The last beer we had with syrup was a Dogfish we had, Worldwide Stout. It was justified to be that sweet at 18% ABV. This one is 9.5% with high sweetness. The Sam Adams tastes like a desert wine. I'm dissapointed b/c all the beers we had it were good. I just knew this one was going to be good. Maybe it would taste better if you let it age out. Right now I'm still tasting the sweet.

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