Sunday, April 19, 2009

Honey Moon and Baton

Honey Moon and Crawfish
Clear straw color with a substantial yet fizzy head after a vigorous pour. Kinda smells lagery, like veggie. Maybe a little honey. Taste has some smoothness of a wheat beer, but not much. The taste is pretty bland actually, although they claim they used the orange peel, coriander, and now honey. With the crawfish I get a lot more of the honey coming through. Nice. Only with the crawfish do you get some of that honey, and as it warms there is some orange peel. But by itself, not cool. Low 3 Star to 2 Star.

Dogfish Head Burton Baton
Very strong alcohol and malt and spicey floral hops. Head is very creamy offwhite with that apple cider look to it. Wow. Has a lot of hops later on, with a rush of hops and malt in the early goings. Reminds me of an Imperial style. (BTW, I have no idea what style this is as I review it). Could say Imperial IPA, American Barleywine. The hop AT is vanishing faster. No sense of alcohol going on. The wife tells me it's a blended young Imperial IPA with an Oak-aged Imperial IPA. I could see some of the oak in there. High 3 Star, and probably a 4 star if it's aged and mellows a touch. Hops are really grassy and floral, and the nose really contributes to the taste on this one. Nice touch from the Fish.

I've stepped away to down the rest of my Honey Moon and watch the Liddell-Rua fight again, and now the beer is a bit sweeter, the hops are still very strong. I like the balance tipped toward hops here. Dogfish Head just knows how to do an Imperial IPA man. I just can't wait until I make it to Cali to try some of those I-IPAs and whathaveyou. I still haven't had Pliny or any of the Alesmiths.


Oh by the way, if you live in the gulf, try your crawfish this season with just about any craft beer. I had the Bud American Ale with my spicy crawfish in Houma, Louisiana, and the Am Ale tasted FANTASTIC. It totally blew away Abita Amber. The one drawback about crawfish is that they look disgusting as hell. The trick is to not stare at them, it will totally gross you out.

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