Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Beer Log: February 20, 2009

One thing about working at the company’s main office, is the tex-mex joint we go to for lunch a lot. Great stuff. Lupe’s has the best Shrimp like fajita like thing, called a “shrimp lupe”. While we try to sneak in the margarita or two during lunch (usually a lunch where somebody is quitting), they do have all the Mexican beers there. And one I hadn’t tried yet

Gee, I wonder which ethnic group influenced this beer? (Damn this Heineken Dark is pretty tastey, maybe a good summer workhorse beer) They put a lime on the bottle and the snob in me was subdued as I just gently put the lime to the side and asked for a glass. Light straw color. There’s some sort of German noble hop in there. Mod instant quick finish. I’m getting nice bread biscuit malt. It’s good, even if it’s bone chilling cold. Blanaces out the spicy chips and salsa, and the carbonation is not too high. 3 Stars.

This one has a lot going on with it, and I’ll probably mix it up with the Negra Modelo.

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