Saturday, April 18, 2009

UFC 97 Beering

My main man Anderson Silva is fighting tonight, as well as one of my other favorites Chiek Kongo. Unlike last time, I don't have any beer from the home countries of the main event participants. Both Anderson Silva and Thales Leites are from Brazil, and I actually had Xingu yesterday at Lucky's Pub. Turns out it tastes kinda like Shiner Bock.

So, no sense in crying over spilled milk. Let's IPA it up shall we...

KONGO WINS, KONGO WINS, KONGO WINS. That's how you get it done Kongo!!! I'm getting me some Double IPA.

Left Hand Twin Sisters Double IPA
The Southpaws put together a very pale straw color with some chill haze. Nice superstrong white head. Nose is nice citrus hops and strong caramel malt. The wife tried it first and she couldn't stand it with all the hops, so I'm looking forward to this puppy. Can't wait for the main events tonight. Monster hops with enough sweet malt to balance. The aftertaste is a little cloying sweetness with some nice bitter hoppiness as well. Some of the taste reminds me of the Rio Blanco Pale Ale from Real Ale (Texas represent!), which makes me think of some rye in the beer. It's basically a more hardcore version of the Rio Blanco, which ain't a bad thing. I've got 22 ounces of this one, so this may be the only new beer of the night. I've already down some Choco porter and my homebrew IPA. More drinks of this beer makes me think that it is certainly a double (or imperial) IPA, but on the lower end of the hardcore bigness. Maybe I'm just getting used to the whole "Big Beer" thing. High 3 Star. Would be 4, but not feeling that aftertaste.

While I keep drinking, I'm looking forward to doing more beering in Houston. We plan on hitting some of the beer bars. Yesterday the wife and I made it to Angelos (beer bar next door to the Sauce) and dropped by Lucky's for a pint, who advertises that they have 3 more beers than the Sauce. I would have made it to the Sauce today, but the rain was just too thick. Tomorrow the wife and I will try to squeeze in a trip to Coaches Pub for some crawfish and to take a look at their beer selection. I just have a serious hankering for some crawfish. I even made it to the Houston International Fest today, in which the feature country was Ireland. Although it rained like Mother Nature had PMS, so they eventually shut it down. But I was able to squeeze in a pint of Guiness at the Mucky Ducks tent, another beer bar. Fantastic stuff going on in Houston, and maybe the more we look, the more beer bars we see.

The wife picked up one of those magazines which features clubs and bars, and it turns out we have a gay beer bar in the Heights, Beer Island. Of course that means I have to check it out, just have to make sure the wife is with me. Hey, nothing wrong with hanging out with the gays occassionally, just can't do it too often. Who wants to hear that much techno. I'm sure these various bars have mostly swill beer and may have 2 or 3 beers I've never tried (unlike the Sauce which has about 100 I haven't tried), but it's worth the trip. We even have a "The Yardhouse" coming to town in December at CityCentre. Hot shit.

My trips to New Orleans and Las Vegas were great and once I get through this PE exam, I'll catch up on those posts. Real funny stories come along with those reviews, including shots of tequila, me doing my best to get divorced, to waking up f'ed up everyday.

The wife and I plan on taking a tour through the German Texas towns in the Hill Country for our anniversary in June. That will include towns like New Braunfels, Fredricksburg, and maybe Shiner. We'll probably wrap it up in Austin just to go there again.

Chuck Liddell just came out, always exciting to see what he's got going on.

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