Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hops: Stream of Consciousness

Beer Log: February 26, 2008
State: Dehydrated a bit and eating pork chops and rice

I just came off a 3 mile run, and after a soak in the tub, I've ready for some beer (gotta keep a balance). Looks like the wife has picked up what's supposed to be a very hoppy beer. It's called Victory Hop Wallop. The wife is getting on my eating habits. Anyway, this Hops Wallop is from the Victory boys in Pennsylvania. Gotta love picture of some cartoonish looking redneck dude on the cover. I can only imagine what yah playas in Philly would think if this character was Black. Looking like a straight Sambo. Anyway, I'm so excited about this beer, I decided to do this puppy in Stream of Consciousness on the blog. You'll have to pardon the mess, as I won't be editing.

Victory Hops Wallop
Opening now...I can smell the malt straight out the bottle. That baby looks so cute...pours good but I gotta get a little vigorous to get some head. Now it's pretty heady. I can smell the sweet malts and flowery hops on this baby. Straw colored with a poofy Mother of Pearl colored head. I'll let my two fingers of head settle and have more swine. It pops in big bubbles and is taking it's sweet time. And the head has a bit of lace on it as well. Some more rice and swine, and now for the booze itself...better be bomb...I've tasted much hoppier, but it's very good. Strong hops with strong malt for balance. Medium carbonation and my tongue is still feeling the bitterness a full 60 seconds afterward. The wife tells me it's 8.5% ABV, cool beans. My tongue is ubertingly. Another draught...goes down smooth and pretty durn drinkable, medium-to-full body. Yes. I may like Broken Halo IPA a little better...I need to review them officially some day. Those chumps at Central Market are doing well. This pork chop is so good, and slightly spicy. I'll try Wallop again with some very spicey food this weekend. Can't believe I got f8cking Jury Duty, I say lock 'em all up. The judge keeps nodding off during the trial. It feels good as it warms a bit more in my 2005 North Carolina championship mug. I remember I couldn't stop screaming when the Heels got one. I even called a friend I hadn't talked to in 2 years. Hops mfing Wallop. Sounds like something out of an Amos & Andy show. Brothas would be so fired up if this cat was black. About halfway down and it's tasting a little better. I let it warm up, so it's about 60 F now. I don't care what the wife says, I'm getting another helping of rice. He's hot, he's spicy, he taste great, he's Curry MAN!!! Damn this stream of consciousness crap. I'm getting more of the caramelly malt in there now, I guess at some point I should make an attempt to see what else they put in the Wallop. Another draught bartender...that girl was fine, but she knows my wife and I can't cheat on her, waaaaaaay too much paperwork, I'm talking about the girl at Two Rows that is. There's the ALCOHOL. You can't get a beer that's probably twice the alcohol of a Miller Lite, and be able to hide it through the whole 12 ounce experience, that's what I'll have to call my review style, the "12 ounce experience". Damn this devil's swine...Barack Obama better win. I get to caucus and vote in texas. I already voted for his black ass, and I dare someone to stand up to 6-2 230 lbs of black man in the Cy-Fair caucus. Maybe I'll get a few hard piping hitting n*ggas to roll with me like the brotha in Pulp Fiction. I'm so glad the baby likes me now. She's smilin. Yeay. I guess I should stop the stream writing before someone finds out I'm only voting for Obama b/c he's black, and that under normal circumstances (read everyone's a white man) I would be voting for John McCain...sh*t. last draught and I'm getting more of the common malt tastes most beer use. The hops aftertaste is not killer. Some cats would call this a Hop Bomb, but I'm not biting. I measure my hop bombs by the face I make. If I don't cringe, it ain't a bomb, bottom line. But I may call this one a Wow beer like those chumps from Craft Beer podcast. Probably more for the great balance. Maybe Victory raided the Dogfish Head recipe, or vice versa. I think 60 minute is a little better, but Go 'Head Victory. Done.

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