Friday, February 8, 2008

Best in Texas

Beer Log: January 13, 2008
State: Kinda Hungry

My boys at Shiner have broken back out their Shiner 97. It's Bohemian Black Lager. Awesome new black label and whatnot. We also have some Shiner Dunkelweizen (formely Shiner 96) down in the fridge. And we got this stuff at our local grocery store in Houston, not at some hardcore beer bar. Gotta love it. So my wife fired up the Rotiserrie Chicken and we cracked open the black lager in a standard beer mug.

Shiner Bohemian Black Lager

Served pretty cold. Poured smooth with a light tan head. Very black color with some amber on the edges in the light. We've got a caramel/honey scent. Much more different than the ever popular Shiner Bock. Drinks with a light body and smooth. First taste are some roasted malts and smoke. It finishes quickly. The head is fleating, and as it warms up, I'm getting more of a low/medium maltiness.

The end. Perhaps all novels end feebly, but I just don't see myself liking a beer with a smoke flavor. Not to mention it was a little cold in the house as well. Not my favorite coming out of Shiner. The Bock is still my favorite beer, but this one is a little disappointing for me.

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