Friday, February 15, 2008

Blasian Fusion

Beer Log: February 7, 2008, yeah yeah I know

State: chillin hard, wondering if anyone thinks it's ghetto to bring your baby and wife to a company happy hour

Hanging at one of Houston's many Asian fusion restaurants/bars, we had one of those African-American employees outings. We open it to all employees, but we make sure we put the words "Black History" somewhere in the invite. It's a sure fire way to make your event all Black and still cover yourself politically. I've learned that most American white folks refuse to be the minority in a room, even if it's for 2 hours. Kinda funny, as we deal with it everyday, everywhere, everytime, except at home and the occassional booty bar. And I'm only a moderately angry black man. Anyway, I left my notepad at home, so I looked a chump reviewing the Kirin on the back of a business card.
Kirin Ichiban

A lager... fanstatic. Actually, I'm no snob, so I'll go for it. It's got a vegetal lager smell and no head, just great. Suprisingly good taste, which is probably because it was served bone chilling cold. It has a vegetal lager type taste, and is pretty light all around on the hops and malt. Not bad. Very drinkable with low carbo, which is important to me. I actually liked this Premium Lager, though I can see that this was made for Mass Consumption. Nothing to harsh one way or another, and a great thirst quencher with sushi. How we didn't have fried rice on tap is beyond me.

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