Friday, February 8, 2008

Back in the Easy

Beer Log: January 30, 2008

State: slight hunder and a headache.

Ahh New Orleans. Come on baby. I'm traveling the city streets and finally made it back to the airport. Sitting around waiting for plane, and I notice something peculiar on the bottle list. Abita. Lord knows everyone is all up on the Abita water, so the beer has to be good right. Word is, NO cats love this stuff, so I gave this my fullest review yet.

Abita Beer (Amber):
I poured it from a bottle into the plastic cup they gave me. Oh well, it is an airport. Slight malt scent, amber color with a light cream colored full head. Head actually has some Lace. First thing I notice is the aftertaste, which as a a little bitter. High carbonation, light malt & hops, uberlight citrus. I'm actually thinking of water and earth. Medium to full bodied beer that is very wet. As my adventure with a damn plastic cup continues, the head sustains and pops in fine bubbes. But its nothing to write home about with drinkability due to high carbo. Damned if this isn't a Metallic feel in my mouth a few minutes after drinking it. As it warms up it's light caramel as it warms up. Not bad, butI can see why it could be popular in NO. Though they surprisingly don't have it on tap. And I do wonder how long you could stay in business in Houston without having some Shiner on tap. Oh my, there is something like biscuits in that last draught. Oh well. I did session this puppy in an attempt to knock myself out on the flight, which didn't work of course. I look forward to trying more Abita stuff as I continue travelling to NO.

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