Friday, February 8, 2008

First Post at the Sauce

Beer Log: January 17, 2008
State: Thirsty and waiting

I am known to frequent the Sauce every time I go downtown for a meeting or event. I've got about 30 beers on the UFO club card, and only need another 170 beers to get a plate on the wall. So I usually grab a seat, break out the cell phone or Houston Press and do my best not to look like a drunk. I was waiting on a convention meeting a few blocks further down the street, so what better way to prep than get a couple of the highest gravity beers on the menu...

Old Peculiar
This Old Ale is my first of its kind. It came in bottle form and was poured in a regular ass pilsner glass. It was deep amber with a crimson color in direct light. Tan head with a cinnamon spicy scent. Amazing b/c it was sweet when it was cold, but soured up as it warmed up. Nice light carbonation and hops. It had a slippery wet body like Trina in a Trickdaddy video. Great beer and probably more complex than I could figure at the time.

Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA
Oh yes. The Delaware boys have made it to Texas. I've had the 60 Minute IPA in Maryland and loved it. So it's time for the 90 minutes. The 120 Minute is not on the menu sadly. She brought it out in something akin to a wine goblet. Very European. It had a strong lacy, and light tan head. Smells like a bouquet of flowers and was straw in color. Flavor a strong malt first, then cames the high hops. Full bodied and full. I actually wrote down "f*cking good". This is what beer tasting is all about right here, and I think this supplanted the 60 minute IPA as my third favorite beer.

I think I hit on the girl running the convention a few times, as well as one of the female volunteers. This high gravity stuff is great, but please don't session it whatever you do. Oh it's real.

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